Analytics KPI gadget for iGoogle
Watch the short video above or view the tour to learn about the Analytics KPI gadget.

Hi folks, the Analytics KPI gadget is no longer updated as Google now requires inlining for gadgets.

In other words, the gadget will no longer work properly. You can read more here:

Many thanks to the many people who have used the gadget. If you have any ideas for other web analytics widgets and gadgets, please contact us

Monitus LLC presents its web analytics widget for Google Analytics that allows you to see your website's Google Analytics data directly on your iGoogle page. Without having to log into your Google Analytics account, the widget provides a snapshot of your key performance indicators using the red and green indicators you are used to from Google Analytics.

Most important of all, this is done in a secure way, you don't have to share your login and password with anyone (including us!)

Analytics KPI Features

  • New: Compare your performance against those of similar sites, completely anonymously
  • New: Customize the gadget to track only the KPI you want
  • Run multiple instances of the gadget to view several profiles at once
  • View KPI from Google Analytics in iGoogle
  • Color-coded results to highlight trends
  • View week on week and month on month data
  • Access multiple Google Analytics profiles
  • Calculated KPI that may not directly be available in Google Analytics
  • The gadget does not require login information, and no usernames or passwords are sent to an outside server. When you are logged in to iGoogle, the browser can access those Google Analytics accounts that you have access to. This is because both iGoogle and Google Analytics are on the same domain.
  • View the Google Analytics gadget tour

Known issues

  • Google Analytics can only be accessed via a secure https connection. Some browsers may complain about https and http content being on the same page. This annoyance is pretty much beyond our control.

Which KPI are included?

  • % New Visitors
  • Average Visits per Visitor ratio
  • Length of Visit
  • Goal Conversion rates
  • And more...